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Discover Aromatherapy

  • History

    Aromatherapy has been practised for thousands of years, with its earliest roots stretching back to ancient Egypt. The practice of using essential oils - oils extracted from plants to enhance moods and feelings first originated in China and ancient Greece. The Greeks believed the Gods were gifted with the knowledge of healing aromas, perhaps because it was a way of treatment that could not be explained.

  • Science behind

    Smell is the sense with the strongest connection to memory and emotion. Studies over time have shown different aromas have different effects on mood, as well as our state of mind and body. But, many questions remain about the power of aromatherapy. Is it our own body healing itself, or is it the aroma? We don’t know for sure, but we do know that aromas work wonders together with a mindful manifestation of healing the body and mind.

  • Practicing with SIND

    The Lavender Dream Oil Cleanser and Botanical Relief Oil are great ways to start exploring the healing world of aromatherapy. The products provide two different ways of aromatherapy; inhalation and application.

    When applying, mindfully inhale the calming scent of cedarwood in Botanical Relief, or the lavender & rosemary in Lavender Dream, think positive thoughts, and smile! Lightly massage your face for improved circulation and absorption. Linking the natural scent of these oils to positive and calming thoughts is a powerful tool for relaxation in stressful situations.

    The essential oils in both products are diluted, and safe to apply on the skin, but of course a patch test is always recommended.

  • Healing with cedarwood & lavender

    Cedarwood has great effects on the skin, the natural aroma of the plant can relax the body and be helpful for people experiencing stress. It’s said that it will help you clear your mind and promote a good night’s beauty sleep (which certainly doesn’t hurt!).

    Lavender is a popular essential oil because of its relaxation and sleep improving abilities. Many studies suggest that it can increase the amount of deep-sleep hours you have during the night. It’s also a popular daily calmer for people experiencing depression or anxiety.